Thursday, August 2, 2018


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Yesterday I wrote this:

" I would suggest that if the Yankees are truly invested in this guy and the pros aren't working for him, maybe he needs to be sent down or sent to the pen and work on things. "

It wasn't hard to predict and I'm not the "called it" guy... many believed that.  I'm just glad it happened.

Yahoo Sports writes this of Sonny Gray:

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"... when he pitches now, he won’t be expected to go more than one or two innings at a time. That’s because the Yankees have demoted him from the starting rotation and will have him pitch out of the bullpen going forward. Lance Lynn, who the Yankees acquired on Monday, will take Gray’s spot in the rotation."

And now we see what this new opportunity will bring for both Gray and Lynn and the Yankees.  We need wins or it's over... we'll slip deeply behind Boston.  That can't happen.

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