Friday, August 3, 2018


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Disgusting display last night.  What started out on what could actually be a game, turned into something so embarrassing, I actually shut it off and binged Impractical Jokers.

But it wasn't just the Yankees that sucked, it was the insane idea that Jonathon Holder should be a major leaguer that got me all hopped up.  He needs work. I didn't like what I saw at all.  His inconsistency from stellar one outing to absolute loss of control the next is something that bad careers are made of.  He's on his way.

The New York Post writes:

"Jonathan Holder’s Thursday night was worse. He faced seven batters in the third inning of a 15-7 loss to the Red Sox and all seven reached base and scored. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Adam Glanzman
According to, Holder became the first Yankee to face seven batters and not record an out since Bob Kammeyer in 1979. Kammeyer surrendered eight runs in an appearance and never pitched in the majors again. 

Holder’s fate won’t be as bad, but it was stunning. So stunning, in fact, that it seemed to catch the Yankees off guard. Holder didn’t even get a mound visit until five straight batters had reached and he had made a terrible misplay."

And that's where Boone comes in. What the hell was he doing when this display was happening? He was looking at his notes like he was Joe Girardi.

He had zero control of this team and didn't break up momentum.  Holder didn't either.  He had no idea how to slow everything down and that's awful.

CC Sabathia is a veteran pitcher. Sure, he was up only 4-2 when he was removed, but as my son said to me when they pulled him, "Why would you do that, he's about as veteran and seasoned as anyone in that spot." When Holder started laying an egg... my son once again became the "Called it" guy.

Holder should not be part of the Yankees make up.  We could not recover after that and looked like a bad High School team. His body language on the mound was something you should be way passed when you hit the major leagues.  Get lost!

I have news for you... we have voiced this here for the past week... the Yankees need leadership now more than ever.  Boone doesn't look like he cares.  There doesn't seem to be urgency. There doesn't seem to be anything.

Hey Yankee fans...You want to dig out of a 4 game series loss to the Sox? We're on our way. This is the way to do it... and someone like JA Happ, with the greatest record in the world against Boston... WILL NOT HELP US. That is what I've been saying. It's about team, not one guy.

Have fun depending on 1 pitcher who's on the DL.

Yanks need to wake up.

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