Friday, August 17, 2018


Love these nuggets and have no idea is it's worth continuing to follow, but I still like it because of the names attached.  Adam Jones. Danny Valencia.

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Fancred writes:

"Adam Jones is said by sources to have cleared waivers and remains eligible to be traded – so a trade can’t be ruled out, though the odds may not be great...

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The Orioles recently approached the Yankees to see if there’s any interest there considering Aaron Judge is out, as is Clint Frazier and Gary Sanchez, diminishing their right-handed strength. However, the Yankees are counting on a return for Judge and the others before too long." 

Obviously we don't see it happening between Jones and the Yankees, but the Phillies makes more sense.

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And then there is a nugget from Ken Rosenthal...

Look, Valencia makes a lot of sense as a temporary fix.  I just have no idea is this is something that will happen, but Rosenthal's suggestion makes a lot more sense than Heyman's.

Anyway.  Not a lot of great news coming out of Yankeeland. I found it interesting that "baseball insiders" are still trying to connect names to the Yanks.

Carry on.

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