Sunday, August 5, 2018


Can he help?  Lord I hope so.

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Yea, pitching seems to be what we're lacking big time. We get J.A. Happ and he gets Hand, Foot and Mouth disease.  So we scramble.  We decide we're gonna make Luis Cessa a starter for Saturday against the Sox following CC's Thursday night appearance. Cessa's all happy about the opportunity (Yankee fans were not) and then Aaron Boone makes the dominoes fall.  CC Sabathia, probably one of the most seasoned Yankee pitchers against the Sox is pulled too early in that game Friday night (We were up 4-2) and Jonathan Holder comes in and gets his tits lit up.

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That threw the entire rotation into a tizzy and I would even suggest the momentum of bad vibes, bad body language and just a really amazing Sox offense which then leaves Luis Severino a shell of himself.

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What I'm trying to say is everything that has happened has become a domino effect to something else this weekend.  There is no back up plan, that is clear.  It's walking into a game saying... "We have this, but if this doesn't work, we HAVE to do this because we have no other plan, and THIS isn't a good idea but we have no choice." 

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That's why we saw Chance Adams... a desperate move by the Yankees in the most important series of the season... and while he did OK... we still lost and that's the most important thing.  We need to start winning, not scotch taping a shaky rotation together in the hopes that we can pull out a win. Who PULLS out a win in a pennant race? Have a plan!!  This is the pros... it's doesn't work that way.

Now we were forced to get more pitching... and the name is familiar.  The New York Daily News has the story about George Kontos and the Yankees most recent acquisition...

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"With their pitching being stretched thin, the Yankees acquired right-hander George Kontos from Cleveland for cash considerations on Saturday. Kontos had been demoted to Triple-A on July 9. The Indians had picked him up after the Pirates released him in May. Kontos will report to Triple-A Scranton. In 27 big-league appearances this season, Kontos pitched to a 4.68 ERA, striking out 13 and walking seven over 25 innings."

And this move is simple and maybe OK, but not a fix.  In a nutshell it back fills the problem... it doesn't fix it.

I like Kontos, but with those numbers I'd pick my 15 year old son over him.  It's a "Lightning in a bottle" move.... and you better hope there's lightning. You know what I mean?

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