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Who doesn't like Michael Kay?  He's the best.  He also didn't do anything wrong in this whole scenario, because you're a broadcaster... a radio guy, you have to talk... A lot.  Any time you do, sometimes you say things that are perceived differently than the way you meant it.

Nothing is wrong with what Michael Kay said the other day when talking about Clint Frazier... but two things come into play... perception is everything... and concussions are very tricky to come back from clean.  It sometimes takes a long, frustrating while to get back to where you once were.  That's where the tension came from between Clint and Kay.  That's the problem with this next story.

Kay said that during one of his epic gold broadcasts.  He later said it was facetious.  I believe that.  There was no harm in what he said.  It was a jest... this guy loves the Yankees and protects this team. That's what being a fan is. That's why we love this guy in the booth. But not only that...

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He says it like it is and he'll knock a player when he needs to. BUT, and there's a big but here... in this instance he was clearly not hammering a guy with a brain injury. Well... Clint Frazier hit back.

Now at the same time I don't fault Kay, I have to also hand it to Frazier.  Again, having a concussion is hard.  Brain injuries are difficult in this day and age.

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He wants to play.  He wants to be out there and help his team win.  He can't. He's not allowed and that's the problem and why tensions were so high.

I just hope these guys can get past it.  It's not worth the arguing and to be honest, I bet Kay addresses it today. He's a good guy. He meant nothing by it. Unfortunately, perception is everything... not to mention... people on Twitter like to start crap unnecessarily.  That's why this even escalated in the first place.

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