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Anyone remember the story "Chicken Little?" I completely forgot about it until recently. Versions of this story go back more than 25 centuries. One of the most recent ones was re-adapted into a movie back in 2005. In case you don't remember (like I didn't) the name "Chicken Little" and the story's famous phrase, "The sky is falling!" can be described as people accused of being unreasonably afraid, or those trying to incite an unreasonable fear in those around them. It is featured in the English language as a common idiom indicating a hysterical or mistaken belief that disaster is imminent.

That famous phrase was a comment that Steve recently posted on a story called PASSIONLESS LOSERS! He thought we overreacted but admired our passion. I thought it was an interesting opinion to think that my perspective on the piece was "being unreasonably afraid" according to the definition given to the famous phrase.

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Unreasonably I don't think it was considering how BAD we've been playing. What about a belief that disaster is imminent? No again but I didn't say it wasn't a possibility. In fact, now that this series is over and done with I can confidently say it was VERY legitimate. That series WAS a disaster. The Yankees just tanked it in Boston. We BLEW IT. We laid down and played dead. What a disaster of a series! The Yankees didn't look, play, or act like a professional baseball team. Now we leave with our tail between our legs and try to figure out how the hell to right this ship otherwise there will be unreasonable fear for the future.

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Before this series the idea was to narrow the gap. We were only 5 1/2 games out. A good series would mean we could leave Boston with a second half knock down battle for a division series title. We could give the Red Sox a run for their money. But the Yankees have to regroup and hope that the Rolling Along Red Sox have a setback when we remember how to play GOOD baseball again. Right now we are fighting to keep a Wild Card spot and no one should be okay with that. We are better than a damn Wild Card.

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I don't like relying on other teams to fail to get back on top EVER. I never have. It's not realistic and it's not how winning teams go about their day-to-day routine. I don't like being 9 1/2 games out. I don't like that the Yankees have lost 9 of their last 15 games. What makes it worse is that more than half of those loses were against really BAD teams. We had no momentum going into Boston and they were ready for us. It's NOT OKAY to lose to the bad teams and then continue to lose against the Red Sox.
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So now what? The Yankees have to leave this series loss behind and not look back. We won't see Boston again until September 18th and thank goodness for that! By then Aaron Judge will be back (I'm not even entertaining any negative thoughts that he won't be) and Gary Sanchez better be back with a healed groin and a newly found work ethic. Maybe Aaron Boone will grow a backbone or a brain and restore some of my faith in him.

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And why the hell was Aroldis Chapman sweating like a pig? No one else was sweating like that. Was it more than just sweat pressure? Either way he choked and he blew it for us last night. The guy only has two blown saves as a Yankee and both are against the Red Sox. What an epic failure!

Our bad luck has to change soon, right? One good thing the Yankees have going for them is a more favorable schedule through the rest of August. The Yankees will only face one team, the Rays that currently have a .500 record. The Yankees will need to have winning series against the Rays and figure out how to beat the damn Orioles! The Red Sox will have 22 games against teams with a .500 record or higher. They will also have to play series against other division leaders so the Yankees have a slight advantage here and will hopefully be able to make up some ground starting with the White Sox today. Either way, there is nothing GOOD about this scenario.

So Steve I ask you......that sky of yours still not falling? Right now you can't say that there is no unreasonable fear or imminent disaster to keep the division out of reach if we continue to play like this. The stats don't lie.

Time to get back to winning series today. I don't have an umbrella with me today so the sky can't fall. In fact, where I live you don't need an umbrella so I don't think I even own one. Hmmmm… either way this series was a DISASTER. Keep an eye on the sky and the scoreboard. We need a lot of wins.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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