Saturday, August 11, 2018


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Zach Britton blew it today.  But Miguel Andujar didn't. He saved Britton and the Yankees for the big win.  A gorgeous home run when we needed it most.

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Now I ain't no hater, but when the Yankees have to win games, and there's uneasiness and struggling like we did last week in Boston, every game counts, and sadly, players need to be perfect. Here's the thing... it's baseball. No player can be perfect... but us fans depend on it. No... we demand it.  That's what being a fan is.  Passion... either way... on any given day... when things don't go our way or when things do.

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Case in point... 2 of my favorite people who love... and I mean LOVE the New York Yankees. They share these emotions publicly about today's game... before the big win.

O'Hara... he's like a brother to me. What he wrote today I was 100% on board with, I WAS PISSED! And then I read my man Dan. I agreed.  Blasting our Yankees is wrong... but hey, the more I thought about it... that's what being a fan is. That's what Bleeding Yankee Blue is! If we're pissed about our Yankees... WE WILL TELL YOU! We're not wrong.  If you don't agree... that's ok... THAT'S WHAT BEING A FAN IS! Sharing passion, sharing opinion and somethings we need to blow off steam... EITHER WAY!

In the end, it's being a fan that counts most.  Yes, the Yankees need to win... and win a lot right now... and that's where passion runs deep.  But in the end, we're all Yankee fans.

By the way, be sure to check out the #BYBHub! Dan and I started it with Section 36! Good people in Dan and O'Hara... and I agreed with Dan too!

Be Read. Get Known.

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