Thursday, July 12, 2018


Oh here we go.

I don't know why we are going here or IF we are going here but there's buzz out there. There's more Manny Machado talk in the rumor mill so compose yourself.

If you are excited....compose yourself it might not happen. Don't get your hopes up.

If you are irritated and think this is stupid.....compose yourself it might not happen. Don't let your blood pressure go through the roof.

Many of you that read us have said "We need starting pitching!" and I don't think anyone disagrees. Brian Cashman says his job is to "attack weakness" but it looks like he made a wrong turn somewhere. We have the offense, but he's chasing Machado right now.

Last time I checked, he didn't turn into a pitcher overnight. Multiple sources are reporting that the Yankees have made the Orioles an offer, a "strong" one at that but it does not include Justus Sheffield read that HERE.

Twitter has been flooded with all kids of updates like these:

So, who is included in this offer and WHY did we even make it? Machado is more of a WANT for the Yankees at this point and not a necessity. We need a Cole Hamels, Jacob DeGrom or a J.A. Happ.
We NEED pitching. Our infield is just fine.

Is Cashman just driving the price up for Machado? If so, that's pretty genius. The Red Sox are also one of the other rumored tumors to possibly have made an offer so maybe Cashman just wants to keep Machado out of the Red Sox hands? I don't want to see the Red Sox get better no matter what that move that may be.

The only other thing I can think of is that Cashman doesn't have a reasonable option for a starting pitcher right now and with limited options he may not like the cost. Remember last year when Justin Verlander was the pitcher to get? He was the big name and this year there really isn't one that will make the impact that he did. Is Cashman just looking for another powerful bat to out slug everyone else? Maybe he thinks that if the Yankees can't get a pitcher we could just try to score a ton of runs and it won't matter. That wouldn't be my thought process though. Pitching wins games.

I still think there is a pitcher out there for us and Cashman is going to find him. It may not be the splashy trade that Verlander was last year for the Astros but it's out there. Cashman always finds a way to pull something off and it could be a guy none of us would ever expect. Cashman is going to surprise us all and it won't be by adding Machado and sacrificing pitching. Believe it!

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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