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Okay, you can go ahead and read into that interesting quote Jacob DeGrom gave on Saturday night. If you needed any other reason to buy into that "DeGrom to the Yankees" hype well now you have it!

I get it. It must suck when you are the "ace" of your team and you go out there and you give up three-runs in a six-inning start and you lose, you just need to vent. That's what DeGrom did, he vented HERE and said "I'm tired of losing to be honest" and who wouldn't be? Now the media runs with it because it's a juicy headline.

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Maybe the timing is suspect after Sonny Gray completely had a meltdown on Saturday but that coupled with THIS news makes it hard to ignore. It is the land of rumors as the trade deadline gets closer. Brian Cashman called the Mets. As he should've anyway no matter if Gray chocked again or not because just like he said "it's the job."

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Is this DeGrom's way of asking for a trade? Maybe, but I don't put much weight on it. I'm sure he is tired of losing, but I don't take it as he is tired of playing in a Mets uniform. The rumors of a New York-New York swap have been hot for weeks, this just only makes it hotter. The baseball world wants to see a cross-town trade go down. The Mets would like some of the young Yankee talent and the Yankees would like (*NEED) another arm to make a run into the postseason. It's a lot of "likes" right now.

Would we LIKE to have DeGrom? Sure! But just like the New York Post would they. The Mets see him as a cornerstone to the Mets future. He's a controllable starter and a leader in the clubhouse. Cashman is looking for that starter and he seems to pull off moves that sometimes we don't even see coming. I have a feeling that is what's about to happen.

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Maybe it won't be Michael Fulmer even though we have been scouting him heavily again recently or DeGrom but the Yankees understand now more than ever that the Yankees need to make improvements to this team despite all of our success this season.

DeGrom is the easy target to focus on especially after his recent outburst but I think Cashman's poker face has a different plan in mind. So for now, I am not going to buy into the hype.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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