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I have spent the last five days in Boston at a conference.  I have had to endure Red Sox on the television, Red Sox in the stores and Red Sox on the streets.  I watched them win, despite the hex I put on them as I intentionally walked up to Fenway Park my first day here (they did drop two games since my arrival however).  And I have come to this conclusion- Jacob deGrom is essential.

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"He doesn't have (Justin) Verlander's full resume. But he is five years younger, is a dazzling talent in his prime, is pitching better than he ever has. And deGrom has been handed the ball in October and delivered; he has a 3-1 postseason record with an ERA of 2.88. Now the Yankees and everybody else looking for pitching waits to see if they will even get the chance to overwhelm the Mets with goodies," reports Mike Lupica for

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The Mets' gift bag can include a variety of goodies like Gary Sanchez, Neil Walker (yea they can have him back), Greg Bird, Clint Frazier and we will even throw in Jacoby Ellsbury.  I would rather not part with Miguel Andujar but I would in order to get deGrom.

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"The Yankees want what the Astros have, they want to stay out of an AL Wild Card game and they want the World Series back. They want their own Verlander, and don't have to look far, because the guy's pitching in the next borough over. There are a lot of Trade Deadline dramas. The biggest involves Jacob deGrom," writes

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Zach Britton is only one component.  It will ease the pressure on Aroldis Chapman who apparently just had a bad day.  He can support the pitchers we have right now who are only able to go four or five innings.  We need a starter in order to win the World Series.  We need deGrom. Now.  Drop him off in the Bronx and no one gets hurt.  The End.

--Suzie Pinstripe
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