Tuesday, July 17, 2018


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Yikes. It wasn't as exciting as people say it was. In fact, it was extremely boring... until the very end and you know what? That's it.

Bryce Harper wins, over Kyle Schwarber in the final seconds.  ESPN writes:

"...the All-Star break can mean a reset for many, and Harper found some welcome sanctuary Monday night with a return to his two favorite places: (1) Nationals Park and (2) launch mode. 

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The 2018 Home Run Derby took on extra meaning for Harper, who participated in the event as a shoutout to the home crowd in what might be his final season in Washington. For sentimentalists, he brought along his father, Ron, as his designated Derby pitcher. On the verge of an anticlimactic ending, the Harpers began a furious comeback with a nod and some family karma. 

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Down 18-9 to Kyle Schwarber in the final round, Bryce went deep nine times in a span of 10 swings to tie it at the end of regulation. Then he drove the second pitch of bonus time over the fence in center field to win the thing, and all sorts of raw emotions came flooding to the surface."

And so what's my take away...

Well... Harper's dad looks like he can play the game right this second.  2.  It's great for Bryce who needed that in front of the Nationals fans... but it means nothing.  The only thing it means, as ESPN says if that maybe he can use that energy and reset he and his team.

We shall see.

Congrats to Bryce. Nice work Schwarber.

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