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I know Jacob deGrom cut his long, curly locks prior to the start of Spring Training, actually he changed his look at the end of the 2017 season.  Everyone took notice of the dramatic change deGrom made by cutting off his trademark 'do'. But I have to wonder if he did it for other reasons as well.  And I am not alone.

As CBS Sports reported back in the fall, "I was not expecting to see deGrom with a normal haircut today. I wonder whether this is his new look going forward or if he just chopped it all off at the end of the season and plans to grow it back over the winter. Intrigue!"  Intrigue it is!  And it just got a little more interesting on Friday night when deGrom pitched against the Yankees with his professional "Yankee-like" look, meeting the dress code needs of the legacy organization and holding a performance interview while he pitched against his cross town rivals who could be his team of the future.

Source: Rich Schultz/Getty Images North America

Critiques say it would never happen, but then again, in this market with a high demand for effective starting pitching, never say never. The long term issue is that the Yankees need more than one arm in their starting rotation and the short term, Masahiro Tanaka is out for at least two starts, potentially more.  The Yankees say they will plug the Tanaka hole internally, but for the long haul, they need at least one more good arm.  And that arm could very well be deGrom.

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"As the countdown to the July 31 deadline approaches, this year’s deadline could be even more interesting. The reason: A blockbuster trade between the Yankees and Mets makes sense, with Jacob deGrom as the most logical star to switch New York City boroughs," reported on Saturday.  The report goes on to say that, "deGrom has never been better. We’re talking about a pitcher in the midst of a Cy Young-esque season, striking batters out at a career-high rate and showing no ill effects from nerve surgery on his elbow. When a pitcher with a career ERA of 2.83 is sitting around 1.50, it’s the best he’ll likely ever be. If there’s a time to ever move deGrom, it’s this summer."

The Mets aren't good enough to make a play for the postseason but with some trades and rebuilding, the Mets could be in position in a few years.  deGrom is just shy of his 30th birthday vs. the Mets' other ace Noah Syndergaard who is 25.  The Yankees will have to give up something for deGrom and it could be guys like Miguel Andujar, Clint Frazier and Chance Adams.  I would hate to lose Andujar but for deGrom, I would let him go.

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Jacob deGrom is a fierce competitor who wants to win.  And with the Mets this season and the next few seasons, he may not get a chance to do that.  2018 has been titled the Year of the Yankees, so why not deGrom?  I liked his interview on Friday night and I would like to call him back for a second.  I bet he looks good in a suit with that hair.  He'd look even better as a shiny new pitcher in our rotation.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
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