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Hoping that one day he can carve out his own niche in the Bronx, both Casey and I have stated that we hope Clint Frazier remains a New York Yankee. Now apparently, according to this piece from the New York Daily News, so does Brian Cashman.

"Hours after Domingo German’s disastrous start on Sunday, Brian Cashman told Bruce Beck on NBC Sports Final: 'I think our starting pitching is good enough, but we want to make it better.'

The Yankees GM, though, would prefer not to part with Clint Frazier to get another impact piece in the rotation.

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'We’re lucky to have him,' Cashman said of Frazier. 'He’s getting better. He’s a toolbox that every year since we’ve gotten him he’s exponentially improved.'” 

All GM's play cat and mouse leading up to the deadline saying things that they hope will drive up the price of certain players. How much of it is true? Only Cashman knows for sure. He says he thinks the pitching is good enough. I would love to know what his definition of good enough is though.

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Personally, as it stands right now I don't believe this pitching staff is good enough to win the World Series. You heard it here first kids.  It might not even be good enough to win the division.  Sure, they've gotten some good starts out of the rookies German and Loaisiga. Yet, for every good start, there has been one that is equally as bad. Plus, Jordan Montgomery is done for the year and Masahiro Tanaka is currently on the shelf.

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CC Sabathia has been good, but you always have to wonder how his knee will hold up throughout the year. And Sonny Gray... oh Sonny. He's been inconsistent at best.

Look, Cashman can say he thinks the pitching staff is good enough all he wants. If you ask me though, it's all smoke and mirrors trying to get all he can out of a player like Clint Frazier.

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I am convinced he will unload Clint. I really hope I'm wrong and the Yankees hold onto him. I love his flair and passion and I see him as something every team needs.

Bottom line, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

--Michael Carnesi
BYB Junior Writer
Twitter: @sevn4evr

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