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The pre-game last night highlighted Giancarlo Stanton's new stance or is it new?  Stanton says no.  Boone kinda says no, explaining it's the camera angles.  Whatever happened over the last week or so jump started Stanton's bat, so I say, "So what if Stanton changed his stance?"

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As reported by the New York Daily News, when asked by reporters if he changed his stance to move closer to the plate the slugger replied, “No,” a clearly annoyed Stanton said with a sigh. “I didn’t make adjustments.” But yet in the split screen, Stanton visibly appears closer to the plate with a narrower stance.  When he made the adjustment last year as a Marlin, his batting average and home run count skyrocketed.

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According to, "It was June 19 in Miami, and the Marlins were preparing to host the National League East-leading Nationals. Beneath a closed Marlins Park roof, Stanton began his experiment. He had watched endless video clips, and he was ready to test what he'd envisioned: He closed his stance."  Now a year later, as a Yankee, he won't admit to the adjustment, which clearly served him well.  He had four hits on Monday night and last night he slugged one out to the deep part of center.

Last year with the Marlins

"The Yankees manager said before Tuesday’s game against the Mariners that despite YES Network cameras showing a split screen of a slightly less closed stance from Stanton on Monday, the right-handed slugger has not changed anything," reported NY Daily News.

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So what if Stanton changed his stance?  What is the big deal?  If he can hit more and strike out less it is a win-win for us.  I'm tired of hearing about Stanton's adjustments or non-adjustments.  Just go out there and play and make a difference.  Enough of the hoopla...just hit.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
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