Friday, June 1, 2018


Quick post just because when it comes to watching sports, sometimes you don't wanna hear from former players and men baseball analysts.  Sometimes you want smart, interesting and attractive women bringing you the news.

That's why I love and appreciate Nancy Newman at YES so much.   It's why we all appreciate Meredith Marakovits.  Sam Ryan...

Trenni Kusnierek… I could go on and on. But there's a point. SHOW THEM!

This world is men driven. We're seeing it change, but not nearly as much as we'd all like.  The other day I simply tweeted to MLB Network to show me more Kelly Nash.  It was clear it was a Memorial Day highlight show and it was looped all morning, but there just wasn't enough Nash. When Kelly was on, they showed her next to the big Television.  Hey, MLB, I have a television, why are you shooting one! Show your host... and not the size of an ant.

Yes, we all tune into baseball highlights, but you have a highly qualified talent there. Some of us want to see who's sharing the witty lines to our audience.  Sure, guys like Sean Casey are great, but how much of that guy do we need to see... no offense to Sean Casey.

Kelly, so her credit, responded to one of her fans this morning.

And now I'm a fan for life.  But only if MLB shows more of Kelly Nash. Get it together MLB Network. Come on.

Keep grinding Kelly.  You kick ass.

Happy Friday everyone.

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