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That Gleyber Torres kid is something else, isn't he? He's so good and it makes it look easy. He's doing his job and making big hits so I know I am not the only one who was saying he deserved to be hitting higher in the order.

I guess Aaron Boone finally decided to make the move and put him higher in the order. At first I really thought he was just trying to protect Torres. He is only 21 and at first maybe it made sense to start him off slow with no pressure. Now we are in the middle of June though and the kid has shown he hasn't been phased by much. He should've been moved up a while ago.

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The Yankees have the best record in baseball. They have a lot of success, but could have even more with a few tweaks. Torres has been a number five hitter stuck in the nine hole for a long time....until now. Nothing against a number nine hitter, they are extremely important and Aaron Boone and I agree that they are basically another lead off hitter. The Yankees are so deep that he has been another Brett Gardner. He's been a table setter. We need those, but Torres is also a guy who drives in runs.

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Torres may be young but his inexperience doesn't show and he has done what the Yankees have asked for since he was called up. If the Yankees would construct their lineup and put guys like Torres and Miguel Andujar in the heart of the order this team becomes even scarier. I think Boone needs to put the guys that are hot in the middle and not stick with the same guys in the same spot when it isn't working. Torres has earned that number five spot and Andujar is more than just a number seven hitter.

On the other hand, Giancarlo Stanton hitting in the three or four hold hasn't paid off like it should. Stanton can be a dangerous hitter as we have seen in the recent series against the Rays. He's had his moments, but he has not been consistent at anything besides striking out. He may be a veteran hitter, but keeping him in a spot he isn't producing in is doing nothing for this team.

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Boone says he wasn't trying to protect Torres, and maybe that's true. The only thing he should protect is keeping the most production in the heart of the order. Torres has stepped up in a big way, maybe the only guy that needs protection right now is Stanton.

I think the Yankees have opportunity for more success here. Torres is the consistent guy that will make things happen. I think Boone recognizes that now, and hopefully he also sees what hasn't been working and continues to make those changes.

Anything is possible with this team....and I love it!

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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