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Bird was SUPPOSED to be the word, right? Just, no.

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I have been trying to stay positive about Greg Bird. I know a lot of people are down on him and have been for awhile now. I have tried to give the benefit of the doubt and wait it out because some guys just need the extra time. I think Bird has had plenty of time.

I've been patient, fans have been patient and Bird says he is capable of more, read that HERE but we have been waiting since 2015 to see it. Bird wants to impress us all. He has the right attitude about it but he just hasn't been able to execute and DO it. As much as I like the attitude I want the results. It's time. Maybe it's time to MOVE ON from Bird.

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I guess this brings me back full circle. If you have been reading us for awhile now, you may remember THIS, THIS and THIS just to name a few.

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Mike O'Hara... if you are out there reading this HOLY COW this is all too familiar, right? For the last couple of years of Mark Teixeira's time as a Yankee we used to pretty frequently discuss Tex. He would talk about how he was done, he wasn't a fan and he was ready for Bird to takeover. I would answer back with my own piece and defend him. At one point, I called myself his lawyer since it sounded like he was putting Tex on trial. It happened a few times and it was always in good fun! The banter was great.

Well Mike... now I am looking at you. Now I am you. It's time to turn back time. I am ready to end this experiment with Greg Bird. Tex is retired, just like you said his game was TIRED but now so is Bird. I will admit that Tex wasn't perfect and he had a ton of faults but he was my guy. He had a lot (A LOT A LOT) of frustrating moments but he also had some big, never forget moments. I can you forget that walk-off home run in the 11th inning against the Twins back in 09? CLASSIC and eventually it ends with a championship. That's a HUGE moment. Bird doesn't have a moment as epic as THAT.

And what about Tex and his constant "boo-boos" as you once wrote? (It was funny as hell).

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Bird is just as bad. In fact, I call him glass man. The guy can't stay healthy. He has missed sooooo much time. He teased us with a great debut in 2015, missed all of 2016, played in 48 games last year and 27 so far this year. WILL THE REAL GREG BIRD PLEASE STAND UP....PLEASE STAND UP?! He's Tex 2.0 without the experienced resume. How is he an upgrade? He only frustrates me like Tex frustrated you.

And come on, Bird doesn't have the most amazing numbers either. Tex struck out, popped up a ton and hit right into the shift (constantly!) but at least he had some power numbers (Bird has 3 home runs....3!!!).

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Tex got the nickname Teixecutioner once upon a time (OK, a LONG time ago) and Bird well....he was supposed to be "Bird's the word" but he's just glass man. WHOMP WHOMP. Guys who have a .193 BA don't deserve a nickname. In fact, they really don't deserve to be a starter. He should be riding the pine like Jacoby Ellsbury was (and will be if he ever comes back) if not sent packing back down to the minors.

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Maybe Bird needs to embrace Tex's old Gluten free diet? I don't know. The only thing I do know is Bird is just BAD and he hasn't earned his spot. It sucks to see guys down in Triple-A right now who are doing well like Brandon Drury. He may not be the experienced first baseman GLASS MAN is but he's at least producing something unlike Bird. The Yankees shouldn't be rewarding Bird with a starting role right now. He's doing the team no good and certainly not helping my sanity!

Just like O'Hara wanted to see Tex succeed I want to see Bird succeed. He's a great kid and I love the attitude. I just don't love the results. Bird was supposed to be the future, but he hasn't hit or stayed healthy enough to be that future. You have to know when it's time to say "enough's enough" and move on. So if it's not time to move on now.....when do we reach that point?

Okay, O' ready for another go-round like we used to? I'm game if you are!

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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