Thursday, June 21, 2018


He doesn't get what we do here at BYB, and he doesn't understand being a true fan, where you don't get all nerdy with stats and instead enjoy the game for the player you love and appreciate.  Sometimes that's all you need and that's what we do here.  No one hates Greg Bird.  We just like Tyler alittle more. If you're confused... here's a recap.

Last night we posted this story:


In it was a continued love letter for how we feel about Tyler Austin and his long baseball journey and how we'd like him back in the Bigs. That's it... nothing much to it other than we compared a simple home run to some stats that Greg Bird's been putting up when it comes to fastball approach.

River Ave Blues did a great job with the piece, we just figured we'd give them a shout out. And so, that's it.  Nothing earthshattering, no science involved, no mathematics... because we don't do that here.  We're here for the fans, we're all about the fans, and we keep it simple with opinions... FROM FANS.

Steve Hollwedel has it all figured out. Boy genius right here.

I mean it... he's so smart. NO ONE CARES, STEVE.  If we did, you'd be reading you, but we don't... like EVER. BYB has been an established Yankee fan site since 2010. We are read internationally and you don't write for us... and we're still popular? Oh my god.

Our fans get what we're doing. You came in late. Too bad, you missed a lot.

We at Bleeding Yankee Blue have been going against the grain and the stat nerds and doing it our way. That is why we are successful here... and it's why you are sitting on your couch writing ridiculous comments to websites you have no idea about.

Well, I just made you famous.

By the way, I can't wait to read the Hollwedel article he's gonna write... in his sleep.

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