Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Fastball trouble or bombs. I know what I like more.

Nice piece by River Ave Blues about Greg Bird and his trouble at the plate with the Fastball. Check this out...

"One thing Bird has not done early in his 2018 season is hit fastballs. He’s hitting .162 with a .189 ISO against heaters so far, whereas the league averages are .265 and .177, respectively. He’s also posted a .301 expected wOBA against fastballs this year.

Photo: New York Post
The league average is .365. The results aren’t particularly good because the contact hasn’t been particularly good.

Furthermore, Bird has missed with 20.9% of his swings at fastballs so far this season. The league average is 19.3%. Given what we’ve seen from Bird the last few years, I don’t think it’ll surprise you to learn that most of his whiffs against heaters have come on pitches up in the zone."

Meanwhile, with Scranton Wilkes Barre... Tyler Austin did this...

I know what I like better...

Wonderboy please.

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