Friday, June 29, 2018


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My ears were burning. Did someone call me? You rang? I'm getting in a nap....WHAT?!

Oh, a Tex fan...'member those? Me either.

Yes, Greg Bird (Still very young) is having a season of headlines that should be lining a birdcage in some dusty upper east side studio. This particular cage is home to a Parrot named "Pepe" who continues to squawk, "Greg Bird sucks! Greg Bird sucks" while his owner is stuck on the 6 train coming home from a rough day waiting tables in the Village.

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Greg Bird has been lousy...but isn't stealing from the Yankee payroll like his predecessor did. He hasn't made any IDIOTIC remarks like, "Well, I'm a slow starter." He ACTUALLY will beat the shift and go the other way ON PURPOSE...rather than say, "I'm paid to hit the ball out of the park."

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Greg Bird is accountable. He tries to play through injury... sound like somebody else? (COUGH NOT TEX!)

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Tex was NEVER a Yankee. He was a hired gun with one bullet in the chamber. He was injury prone too. He claimed to be a switch hitter. I called him a Which Hitter, as in it doesn't matter WHICH side he swung from it was bad all around.

Look I can't defend Greg and his struggles. He's been lousy. However, I like Greg Bird, and when he's on (see September of last year) he's like a machine built for the Stadium. I'm not giving up on the guy.

The Yankees are playing well and he has time to work it out. People who look to bail on Bird are also the ones calling for the Yankees to ship THE BEST OFFENSIVE CATCH PLAYING in Gary Sanchez. These two are a big part of why the team isn't the same lifeless bunch Tex helmed.

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I am not done rooting for Greg Bird. Hell, we gave that chump who used to wear Gleyber's number a lot of rope to hang his sugar free, heath shake making, knock off Farley Show bombing ass. I say Greg warrants at least a few more months....IT'S JUNE!! Hey, I'm just a ham and egger who never made the omelet. I don't claim to be a "Baseball Expert", I didn't invent the wheel...I'm just rollin' with it. That's how we all are at BYB. Bottom line, my opinion is just that, my opinion. Maybe Greg Bird is the worst player ever to wear the Pinstripes and the heroic blast early in his very, young career were a fluke. I doubt it, but maybe. I've been wrong before and I'll be wrong again. Although I wasn't wrong when I said OVER AND OVER AND OVER that the New York Yankees would be better without Tex. They are.

Yes, he was the 2nd nest goalkeeper in New York when he was a playing 1st base...but he was never a Yankee. Greg Bird just hatched. Give him. a bit longer.

Thanks for dropping me a line on Bleeding Yankee Blue, Jeana. Always nice to say hello.

** Don't worry, Birdie. There are ups and downs in every walk of life. Keep grinding it out. It's a long way to the top....**

--Mike O'Hara
BYB Contributor

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  1. I like Bird , he had a good game and for some unknown reason ( like Girardi before him) he sat Bird and played Walker .
    Gotta get him some AB's and let him roll , would help if Stanton and Judge and Sanchez got on the same page at the same time .
    Bird goes as the others goes .Pitch around or make him chase if the others are not hitting.


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