Thursday, May 3, 2018


Yankees win!

Who believes in the Jinx?  Furthermore... why would you ever be a fan and believe in a Jinx, meaning, why would you root against your team by suggesting that saying or doing something would 'Jinx' them? Why not just trust their abilities? Why give a false energy by suggesting there could be a flaw?

I don't believe in a Jinx, because it's stupid. 

Yankees won today by the way.

Photo: New York Post
But back to my point. A Jinx? Have you seen this Yankee team? They are pretty friggin' good. The Astros are too, don't get me wrong, but the last 3 games have been about the New York Yankees.  Not only the team, but the fact that they were playing in Houston, in the Astros' home. Unfinished business... a point to be made. Think about it... last season they lost out to going to the World Series by 1 game. One single game. 

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Today is their 3rd win against the Astros in 3 days.  There are no jinxes with this Yankee team, and anyone who thinks so is foolish, ridiculous and isn't a true fan. Thinking about a Jinx is betting against your damn team. Everyone knows that.

The Yankees won by the way.

And by the way... if they didn't win? What does it matter? It's May... and furthermore, I can 100% guarantee that me writing the words OWNING THE ASTROS in my title didn't contribute to it. What kind of fairytale world are we living in? 

Yanks won today... did I mention that?

And look at this comment... why are people taking things so literal? The headline was provocative Trey... how long have you read me now?

Come on, man!

The Yankees owned the Astros May 1 and May 2nd.  Me writing that title not only is true, but it was accurate.  Did I know they were gonna win today? Nope. Did I think so? Yup, but that didn't go into my decision making when I wrote that title, folks.  I was specifically speaking about the first 2 games in OWNING THE ASTROS.

Yankee fans... the New York Yankees won today.

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They have beaten the Astros 3 games in a row.  That's a good thing, and even if they lost today, I would still put my pants on one leg at a time, I would still go home and kiss my kids and wife when I came home from work and I would still go to sleep tired and relaxed. The point is, nothing would change in my life.

I am older, more mature and satisfied with my life and everything around me... AND the Yankees are still a damn good team.  And if they were terrible, guess what... nothing would change in my life... but I would still be a fan.

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There are no Jinxes on this Yankee team.  Even if they lose tomorrow, it has nothing to do with me.  I still root and I still live my life. Most importantly though, I still love my Yankees.

Stop the freakin' nonsense. Go take a walk outside, go smell a flower. Get out of that dank basement. And don't comment if it's not constructive. I have zero patience for you.

By the way... the Yankees won today.

P.S.  I love black_tiger and 99Trey.  They always comment great content and good stuff and keep it on the level.  Today however, was strange.

Carry on.

Be Read. Get Known.

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