Saturday, May 19, 2018


Larry Murphy | For The Times of Trenton
Just recently Bleeding Yankee Blue let the world know about this new gimmick the Trenton Thunder were doing for the New Jersey Yankee fans.  Pork Roll nights in Trenton.  That's right... and if you are a NJ person, you love this.  If you don't live in NJ you have no friggin' idea what we are talking about...and that's OK. We're here to tell you. In fact, read HOLY PORK ROLL, I CAN'T WAIT! for a quick refresher.  See? There are some good things about New Jersey.

Anyway... The Trenton Pork Roll won last night.  Here's the story from Pinstriped Prospects:

Larry Murphy | For The Times of Trenton
"...While the name and the uniform might have changed for a night, the product on the field stayed the same, thanks mostly to Trenton starter Brian Keller who, you could say, was on a roll on Friday night. Keller went eight innings, allowing zero runs, two walks, and four strikeouts.

Through five innings, Keller held the BaySox hitless until a ground-ball took a funny hop towards Trenton 1B Chris Gittens and went under his glove into right field for a base hit."

And just like that, the Trenton ah... Pork Roll's record is now 26-14, leading their division.

Nice work, boys... keep it going.

Time for breakfast...

That's about right.

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