Wednesday, May 2, 2018


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Gary Sanchez is pretty incredible when he needs to be.  Much better in the clutch than the terrible Giancarlo Stanton.  He's been pretty disappointing. But we'll talk about Stanton another time.

Last night the game, I have to say... was really good.  No score going into the 9th, and with Giles on the mound and Sanchez at the plate... everything changed.  ESPN writes:

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"A day after one of his starting pitchers intimated his desire to continue pitching to a different catcher, Sanchez played as if he was unfazed. With yet another solid swing of Sanchez’s bat, and an unexpectedly long but quite strong night from the Yankees’ bullpen, New York got past the Houston Astros with a 4-0 win Tuesday...

The win also came on the heels of a dominant 14-strikeout start for Astros pitcher Justin Verlander, who threw eight scoreless innings going toe-to-toe with a Yankees bullpen that was equally as tough to solve. "

And this is my favorite part.

Let's assume Verlander kicked the shit out of Ken Giles last night.  As my 15 year old says... "Giles always blows it when the pressure it on."

Thank God.

Yanks win.

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