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I can't shake this Ronald Torreyes thing.  Yeah, it's a thing and Aaron Boone and company made it a thing and it didn't have to be.  It was a clear decision; we have 13 pitchers, why not shed one?  Or if you really aren't interested in shedding a pitcher, then the yearlong loaner could spend some time in the minors.  Neil Walker got up with runners in scoring position in Sunday's game and did absolutely nothing.  He was the designated hitter.  Why did they sit Tyler Austin?  Do the Yankees not like him? They don't seem to like Clint Frazier either.  But Toe?  Why make that decision?  Why make that a thing?

"The news, you could feel it in our clubhouse (Friday) night, it was rough," Boone said.
"It was a difficult night, which was simply a tribute to what Ronald Torreyes is and what he means to our team and our clubhouse and frankly the way he's performed in his years here. But I haven't had that conversation with that group as a whole but it was -- you could feel it in our room late (Friday) night," reported  Toe didn't die, he was demoted and it was a choice that didn't have to be made.

"We'd like to get Toe back in the future at some point, but I can say the same thing about Clint Frazier, Brandon Drury, amongst others. It was not an easy decision but we're paid to make tough ones," Cashman said.  At some point?  Toe is a champion for the Yankees and his support of young guys like Gleyber Torres is invaluable.  Just admit it, Cashman, you sent the wrong guy down.


"In sporadic work, Torreyes has hit .339 with six RBI and a .785 OPS in 63 plate appearances, covering second base, third base and shortstop. In three seasons, he's hit .288," according  This is the guy you sent to the minors?  The front office must be out of their mind.

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Anyone will tell you that when Toe was called upon to play practically anywhere in the infield, he did it with poise, passion and grit.  He talked with his bat and his glove.  He belongs in our dugout, every night.  The void is getting worse with every game that passes.  And it didn't have to be this way.  I'm still not over Toe and his void is breaking the Yankees' spirit.  #BringBackToe

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
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