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Sometimes reading the posts by Yankee fans on Twitter or just hearing certain fans talk makes me want to cringe. Most of the time I'll just sit here laughing about it all, and wonder "What is this guy thinking?"

Look, I don't say too much because as you and I know, there is no arguing passionate Yankee fans. We love who we love, we are critical who we're critical of and that's it!  Passionate fans believe what they want to believe, and at that moment, there is no way to change their minds. Funny thing is the minute something goes great and things start to fall into place, those same passionate fans are very forgiving and sometimes forgetful of the things they've spewed before. Interesting, right?

Just a few short weeks ago, Giancarlo Stanton was getting booed off the field. We all remember... some of you were in the front row. Lately though, Giancarlo has found a groove and has ran with it. This piece from the New York Post talks about how he's finally settling into Yankee pinstripes. I like this line alot...

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"Routines are firmly in place. The swing is coming together and, most of all, Giancarlo Stanton is figuring out what it means to be a Yankee nearly 50 games into his pinstripe life."

Now... the question. Did the Yankees need him? I don't believe they did. He's more of a luxury kind of guy that buys a Ferrari when he already has a Lamborghini. 

Do the Yankees have other pressing needs? I believe they do, but with the way Gleyber Torres is playing, they didn't need Starlin Castro either. See what I'm saying? It's happened many times in the past. A "superstar" from another team goes to the Yankees and struggles for a bit, sometimes their entire tenure in the Bronx. Then one day... something clicks and they take off, leaving behind the city that was more easy going and had less media attention.

Look, I get it, I really do, the Yankees didn't need him. That's kind of silly to discuss after the fact. My take quite simply is there's no need to debate and argue about it. The Yankees have him and he's there to stay. Just be happy that things are finally coming together, folks... and the big man is settling into his pinstripes.

In a sport that is all about numbers, Giancarlo Stanton starting to show it. Let's hope it sticks, and the way I see it, like the move or hate it, he's in pinstripes... root for him.

--Michael Carnesi
BYB Junior Writer
Twitter: @sevn4evr

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