Monday, May 28, 2018


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Masahiro Tanaka had his way with Shohei Ohtani yesterday.  Small nugget here, but I had to share it. writes: "In the highly anticipated showdown between fellow countrymen Masahiro Tanaka and Shohei Ohtani, the Yankees' right-hander came out on top...In their first meeting since playing against each other in Japan in 2013, Ohtani worked a 3-2 count before striking out...

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After waiting more than an hour between plate appearances, Ohtani walked on five pitches in the fourth before Tanaka won the final matchup in the sixth, recording another strikeout on an 88.7-mph splitter."

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So why is this significant?  Well, simply because I'm tired about hearing how great Ohtani is. I mean sure, he's a good player, but I'm thrilled that Tanaka could give him a piece of humble pie.

Yanks beat the Angels. They play the Astros today.

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