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Aaron Hicks is the first Yankee player to hit multiple inside the park home runs in a season since 1958; and the season is only just shy of two months old.  The last Yankee to hit three inside the parkers was Mickey Mantle.  But that sixty year old record could be crushed by Hicks if he keeps up this momentum.

Source: Sporting News

With his first inside the parker coming against Detroit in April, his second was a shot deep into the outfield against Kansas City.  "Hicks' solo shot bounced off the top of the rightfield wall and back onto the warning track as Royals rightfielder Jorge Soler struggled to chase down the ball," reported


Earlier in the season, SB Nation called 2018 the "Year of the Inside-The-Park Home Run."  "Sure, normal dingers take strength and coordination and they’re still very entertaining. We are not here to disparage everyday dingers. But inside-the-park home runs take strength and coordination plus luck, speed (or at least an effort to go as fast as you can in the moment), and maybe even a mistake (or three) by the outfielders responsible for getting the ball towards the plate."  

Source: Sports Illustrated

The last time an MLB player hit three inside the parkers in one season was back in 1987.  That player was slugger Ruben Sierra with the Texas Rangers.  Knowing that this is not something you see everyday, this season has seen a number already.  They are exciting to watch as much as for the fans as for the player who hit it.  There is a bit of little leaguer in the player who hits it; a boyish smile like Hicks gave with both home runs. Sometimes they occur because they are bobbled out in the outfield, but a pure one is just a well hit ball and followed by excellent speed on the bases.

Photo: Orlin Wagner, AP

After a number of rain outs, transportation woes and an uncomfortable night in the airport, the Yankees made an amazing comeback last night with traditional over the fence home runs coming from Gleyber Torres, Giancarlo Stanton and two from Gary Sanchez and of course Hicks's inside the parker.  These five home runs led to a Yankee win against the Royals in the second game of the series.  Exciting to see the long ball anytime you go to the ballpark, but an inside the park home run adds a little something special to the game.

Source: Orlin Wagner, AP

Would be cool to see Hicks tie or even break Mantle's record making 2018 even more special than it already appears to be for the Yankees.  "Hicks won't be able to notch three inside-the-parkers in a month like Mantle did during his improbable run, but if he gets even one more in 2018, he'll be the first player in 30 years to get three in one season," according to Would love to see him make some history.

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