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He's one of the most talented players in baseball.  There have been plenty of new regulations and rules added to the game over the years to tamp down on PEDs and drugs that fall into that category.  Yet, that doesn't matter.  Robinson Cano is a user and Robinson Cano was caught and now Robinson Cano must serve an 80 game suspension.

I'm away on business, and so, the news broke on my phone... FROM MY 15 YEAR OLD that now has a very stern opinion of Robinson Cano... he's disappointed:

That bothers me the most.

Now my son's older now.  Much older than when ARod was dealing with his own guilt and suspension.  So he knows this is bad and I feel for him because he's a big baseball fan.  So he needs to think about this long and hard being a ballplayer himself in his young baseball career.  He needs to find new heroes now, or at least forgive Cano if he feels like he should.

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Now here's the report for all of you that think I'm rambling about nothing. ESPN has it and yes, it's an opinion piece by Jerry Crasnick, because, well, this story is loud and controversial enough to form only opinions about this news:

"Two days after suffering a broken hand on an errant fastball from Detroit pitcher Blaine Hardy, Cano felt the pain from a different hammer. He has been suspended 80 games for use of the diuretic Furosemide, which can be used as a masking agent to conceal PED use.

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Cano's time on the disabled list will count toward his suspension, but he will lose about half his $24 million annual salary and be ineligible for the All-Star Game and the postseason, should the Mariners reach the playoffs for the first time since 2001.Cano was contrite in his apology and said he received the Furosemide from a licensed doctor in the Dominican Republic to treat a medical ailment, and he now wishes that he had been "more careful.''

But no amount of rationalizing or explaining will absolve him to the extent he desires. Perhaps he's sincere and was simply guilty of bad judgment. But we've heard too many of these types of apologies to react with anything more than cynicism. That has been truer than ever since Ryan Braun stood before a bank of microphones in 2012 and vehemently denied using steroids."

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I like Cano.  I hated that he left New York for the money, but right now I can just suggest that he's a stupid knucklehead and clueless.  Who puts things into their body and not know what they are?  You're an athlete Robinson... what is wrong with you?

Cano, like every other player that is caught must be punished... but it's clear this guy has shattered his baseball career.  He will now be judged... he will now be under suspicion and he will no longer be the face of the Seattle Mariners... much like Ryan Braun and his Brewers and so on and so on.

Disappointing... but more crushing to me personally because the news broke for me from my own kid.  Hey Robinson... how about you call him and each of those kids out there who said you were their hero? Do the right thing...

You blew is G... you blew it.

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