Monday, May 21, 2018


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Jose Bautista was a superstar a few years ago. Now he's out of a job. The Braves released him... on his request.

The Star writes:

"Atlanta GM Alex Anthopoulos, with whom Bautista has a long and mutually respectful relationship, announced on Sunday morning that the ersatz third baseman had been released.

'We took a shot,' Double-A told reporters. 'Certainly (there) was a lot of upside for us if it clicked … We certainly didn’t feel like there was any downside.' But it was, if not an act of charity (there’s no crying in baseball), a $1-million U.S. experiment that the first-place Braves could no longer justify and money had nothing to do with it, a million a mere financial bagatelle these days. They, unlike Bautista, have roster options."

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Now it looks like the Mets may be interested in him.  Makes perfect sense actually. The New York Post writes:

"The Mets’ need for a right-handed outfield bat with power has team officials interested in veteran slugger Jose Bautista, industry sources told The Post on Monday."

If he goes to the Mets, I'll dislike him alittle more than I do now.

Stay tuned...

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