Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Bleeding Yankee Blue has been in existence since 2010.  If we were "poor" journalists, as David Cone says, we would not be here today. He apologized for overreacting, we appreciate it... but I need to get this off my chest.

If you read BYB, you know I HATE, hate on Twitter. You know I hate misinformation here at BYB.  As Bleeding Yankee Blue Chief, I am happy to call out mistakes and BS.  Today we wrote a story and one of my top writers made a simple mistake.  In fact, in life, we BYB writers are constantly running around like crazy, work schedules, crazy kid schedules, dinner, homework with the kids, events and who knows what else.  And then... and then if we're lucky, us fans with our FAN site try to watch a few innings of a Yankee game, hoping to form some type of opinion, or get a nice idea to write about for the many fans we have. Almost 6 million clicks since our beginning. Not too bad.

Last night, we did made a mistake.  What happened next was unnecessary.

David Cone, we at BYB apologize for the misinformation in a world of fake news and bologna with no fact checking every single day.  But one thing you cannot do is call Bleeding Yankee Blue that poor journalism. It was borderline bullying. My opinion. We made a simple mistake.

I know these people that write on our pages. I know them well. They work hard to give our fans interesting stories, valid opinion and yes... disagreements with even the top dogs at the YES Network. Debate... Conversation IS what makes fan be fans. No hate... just disagreements.

While we misquoted you and apologized, let me remind you that my writers are smart, hardworking and reliable.  They are good journalists. They are also not perfect, but neither are you. 

We've been on the fields getting the story over the years. We've interviewed your peers, gave credit where credit is due. Applaud great players, blast bad ones. And you know what else we do? We make mistakes sometimes.  Good Journalists do that sometimes.  Poor Journalists fade away.  Sorry... poor journalists ain't us.

But there's more to it.  The story wasn't ever about David Cone. He made it about David Cone.  It was actually a story about Tyler Austin. And that's where our fandom comes alive here.

Bleeding Yankee Blue loves Tyler Austin. We have been on his journey since day 1.  We want him there. We don't want to see him get sent down.  That is the crux of the story. That was always the crux. That was what Suzie Pinstripe was trying to portray.  I give a helluva lot of credit to Kim Austin who came out swinging earlier.  She's momma bear.  She didn't do anything wrong.  I'm glad she tweeted what she tweeted.

But let's keep it real. While we appreciate honesty, we aren't fans of what appears to be bashing of Tyler Austin in GENERAL.  It could be Cone, Kay, Leiter, random Yankee fans or Tony Gallucci from Fran's Auto Body down the street from me.  We reacted... and yes, we got the voice wrong last night.  But I have to wonder if it would have really escalated if Coney didn't say what he said to us about poor journalism... and sure it wouldn't even have been "a thing" if we got the quote right in the first place.

Furthermore, It's strange to me that some BYB fans that have read us since day one, know us well, know what we're all about suddenly have chosen sides because the "great David Cone" bashed a fan site.  Wrong. You know who you are.  Bottom line, thanks for your loyalty.  Not cool.

We are sorry to Coney. We love YES. We love all those peeps. We listen to them most nights, tweet with them. Enjoy them. We enjoy Bob and Jack and Flash and Love Nancy and Meredith and Paulie and Kay and Kenny.  We've interviewed many of them here.  It's our family. We appreciate you guys.  Love you guys.  BUT... we fans... and good journalists... and we blew this one. We regret that but we seriously need to move on.

Sorry for the misquote. Sorry it escalated. And Coney, thanks for apologizing. 

Let's move forward.  OK?

--Robert Casey
BYB Founder & Chief
Twitter: @BleednYankeeBlu

Be Read. Get Known.

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