Friday, May 4, 2018


Ichiro Suzuki is the man.

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The dude's 44 years old and he's had an amazing career.  Now word is he's taking some time off... to rest. Not retiring... just taking a break I guess. No better place to do that than in Seattle where he was put on the map in the first place when he came to America.

AP writes:

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"Roughly three hours before first pitch on Thursday night, Ichiro Suzuki jogged to join his Seattle Mariners teammates in the outfield, fully in uniform, black mitt in hand, prepping for another pregame routine of catching fly balls and hitting in the cage.

Except there was no game for the 44-year-old Suzuki to get ready for. He wouldn't be in the lineup on this night, or again in the 2018 season. And maybe his career.

'The past two months have been the happiest I've been,' Suzuki said through an interpreter. 'I knew one day that the day would come when I would have to walk away. But the Mariners have given me this opportunity to stay on. Obviously, with my teammates and how great they've been and how much they mean to me and how much I want to help is the reason I wanted to stay on and help in any way I can.'"

Turns out the Mariners are giving Suzuki a front office job, and I guess he can decide if he wants to come back and play again next season.  A lot of love and respect there.

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Ichiro is one of a kind. Literally one of my favorite players. I'm convinced if he wanted to, if teams would allow him to, he could play until his 50s.  He takes very good care of himself.  He's fantastic.

Good luck to Ichiro.  I'm hoping he comes back to play next season.  Could be cool.

Happy Friday everyone.

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