Tuesday, May 29, 2018


The journey has been pretty incredible and it's all because of our audience.  Today we reached 6 million visits on Bleeding Yankee Blue.  It's not only amazing to me, but it's flattering. It means that the product we put out every day is to your standards.  It means you look to us for our opinions and our views.  It means you know we are legit, have a passion for writing for you and are not only true to our audience... but we appreciate you there every single day.

We are not perfect.  Bleeding Yankee Blue has never tried to be right 100% of the time, and we never hate different opinions. We like the banter. We will disagree when needed but never go after someone that disagrees with us.  You cannot say that about every fan site out there. You can say that about us.  I will defend my writers.  The reason is simple. They work hard as hell. They are always here to get it done correctly, and yes, sometimes we make mistakes, but we never deny or walk away from them. We are responsible. We are good, solid journalists and guess what... we're also human.

Here's the best part.  We have built a family here.  You and us together, talking about the greatest team in the world who plays the greatest game in the world.  We love baseball, we love the pinstripes and we appreciate the passion we all feel when our team does well.

BYB will also go crazy when things don't go right. If our team stinks, you will read about it on our pages.  If we don't like what a player said post game, or hated a move Aaron Boone made the game before... we will tell you why.  We will never hate the person... we will disagree with the action instead.  That's how it's always been here... that's what we will always do here.

I love our family. BYB started in September 2010 out of frustration.  Today, in May of 2018, we can honestly sit here and smile from ear to ear.  You are the best group of people I have ever written for.  I know Suzie Pinstripe thanks you.  I know Michael Carnesi does... O'Hara, Jeana, Ike, Erica, Barry... even Dan Lucia who I honestly need to call and catch up with... same with Steve Skinner.  We have had such a ride it's ridiculous.  When this thing started my oldest son was 8.  He is now 15 years old and told me the other day, "I can't believe BYB is still going!" Trust me, from him? That's a compliment.  The point is good material stays around. I'm proud of that.

Thank you.  Thanks for making this product last as long as it has. Thanks for never giving up on us, supporting us, sharing us and talking with us about what we have here at BYB.  It's exciting. You make me all very happy. I think I speak for the entire staff when I say it's been amazing.

No, we don't write as much as we used to. Life takes some crazy turns once and a while. My real family is growing up. I'm increasingly busy.  Writers don't stick around.  They say they want to, but they don't because it's a brutal gig.  But remember something. BYB is not a job... it's a passion.  It's also a reference.  If you come write for us here, you do it for free now. But if you have a passion, you build a resume and when you are looking for that paid writing gig down the road, you have a body of work, and I am your reference.  Not too shabby if you ask me.

BYB is an appointment, and I am so happy you continue to join us. Even though our posts have been less lately, our readership is up.  That means progress. That means you like us.  I am hoping to start to ramp up more posts soon and am always looking or writers.  So don't be bashful... reach out.

6 million visits right now.  Amazing.  I thank you all for your support. I love you all.  I really do.

Lastly this, if you want to read about our journey to 6 million... check these out. I posted for you from 3 to 5 million visits, just to show our climb. Pretty fun stuff. Enjoy it, I certainly do:



I WOKE UP SMILING TO 5,000,315! 

Thanks for everything.  We appreciate you all.

--Robert Casey
BYB Founder & Chief
Twitter: @BleednYankeeBlu

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