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I understand the want and need for the New York Yankees to play hard, but the booing of players shows a bratty behavior that is so pathetic, so unnecessary in the cold month of April, I'm embarrassed by you all.  Shame on you.

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Sonny Gray, probably one of the nicest, harder working guys in baseball was booed by Yankee fans last night.  And while I see the frustration, I am sorry, you should turn in your 'Yankee Root Card', because you fans aggravate me. Sportsnet columnist Shi Davidi tweeted this about it for the world to see. Many publications obviously picked it up or saw it live:

But that's not all. Even writers and analysts took light shots.  Our pal Bryan Hoch tweeted this out:

Valid I guess. And Jack Curry tweeted this, and I even responded to Jack:
It doesn't mean that as a fan I give up on him in April. That would be ridiculous.

Now look, I'm the first guy to rank on a player that isn't performing, but it's way too early for that. I reserve the right to not kill these players right now.  Giancarlo is slow.

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Gray clearly is having a tough time. The Yankee pen is not getting it together fast enough either.  Hell, even Neil Walker and Tyler Wade kind of suck.  It's baseball. Sometimes it happens.  The best thing we can do as fans though... especially in April is stay quiet with criticism and root hard for results.

If this was September... I'd be pissed.  It's not... so I won't be. The best thing I can do as a fan is give support.  Strangely, that's the irony of this whole post. 

We LOVED that the Yankees supported a young girl who was being bullied the other day They showed her their messages of support in a public video. They told her they had her back.

We loved it. It was heartwarming. Yet, if a Yankee doesn't perform in a game, we bully them?  What happened to 'Got your back'?

Real bright.

Let's go Sonny, I got your back!

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