Monday, April 16, 2018


I believe that we will soon see Gleyber Torres. The Yankees have been casually watching, Yankee fans are all excited about him coming up. Hey, even Tyler Wade just hasn't impressed us, even though he made the team this season because Boone say something in him at Spring Training.

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But here's the thing, exhibition games don't mean a thing if you can't translate that to when the games count. And now they count... and guys like Drury, Wade, Walker... even Migual Andujar who was hot as hell in the Spring... they just can't hack it.  It's a problem.  And so what's happened is the New York Media has been dropping the "Torres Question".  It's Torres watch  in the Bronx. The New York Post writes:

(Scranton Times Tribune)
With Brandon Drury still on the DL due to migraine headaches and blurry vision, and Tyler Wade, Neil Walker and Miguel Andujar not hitting, stud infield prospect Gleyber Torres is on the Yankees’ radar for a possible promotion, although Boone didn’t sound like it would be this week. “

' would say anything is possible and we have conversations about that kind of thing. But possible? Yes,' Boone said. 'Likely? Not necessarily.'”

(Ken Inness/
So confusing right? But that's just manager speak.  You know Torres is coming, it's just a matter of when. We will keep an eye on this for you here at BYB, because right now the Yanks need energy and the consistency of winning.  Aaron Hicks helped with that... and now maybe new young blood like Torres soon will too.

Stay tuned.

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