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Joel Sherman had me from the first paragraph of his piece from the NY Post Saturday evening. "The Mets have taken on so many characteristics of what was anticipated for the Yankees — namely, winning a whole lot early." By a show of hands, how many of you agree?  Exactly.  Sure, we have a rain out to reflect further on the losses to Baltimore and Boston and near-loss in the first game against Detroit but we can't argue that when you look at the Mets, you are saying to yourself, "This should be us."

Sherman gives three main areas/reasons why the Mets are progressing in a way that the Yankees were predicted to do so: Managing, Bullpen and Outfield Depth.

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The Mets have had incredible management from new skipper Mickey Callaway.  It was anticipated, as Sherman points out, that "Callaway — a pitching coach by training — would be more of a wonk." Instead, he has been brilliant with the caveat, he has not had to deal with any issues, yet.  And the leadership he is receiving from new additions Todd Frazier and Adrian Gonzalez has been effectively on point.  This is not downgrading the Yankees' clubhouse leadership but I will say, Aaron Boone does not appear to have the managerial experience necessary to navigate the variety of players on the team.  I don't blame him for the team losing, but I don't think the team is being managed the way it needs to be.  Callaway on the other hand has "helped the Mets keep their prized arms healthier and outfitted with better strategy," reports Sherman.  I have to agree.

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Their bullpen does not have the talent that the Yankees' pen has, but yet, their relief pitchers have kept opponents in check.  "The Mets’ pen was 5-0 in the early going and the Yanks’ 1-4. The Mets also had a 1.57 ERA, as converted starters Robert Gsellman and Seth Lugo have been valuable, and Jeurys Familia again has the feel of an elite closer. The Yankees’ pen had a 4.71 ERA — third worst in the AL — with Dellin Betances and Tommy Kahnle particularly raising concerns," reports Sherman. Facts, folks, nothing but facts.

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Finally, when you look at the Mets outfield, you have to be envious of their depth.  I can't believe I am saying this but it is true.  We had to call up multiple players over the first week or so of the season because of injuries.  911s were sent down to the farm with Jacoby Ellsbury and Aaron Hicks going down early.  And remember at the beginning of the season, we were stacked in the outfield.  Now, the Yankee outfield has been productive at the plate.  The Yankees ".871 group OPS second in the majors to the Pirates. The Mets were fourth at .808, and that is with Yoenis Cespedes mainly struggling at the plate. The quicker-than-publicly-anticipated return of Michael Conforto has benefited the Mets."


When you add up managing, relief pitching and outfield depth, you get the Mets in first by a wide margin while the Yankees are struggling- an unanticipated switch at the birth, of the 2018 season that is.  Let's hope this is just an anomaly and the real Yankees take the field in a double-header with the Tigers today.  Michael Kay has been fired up about this year's team and not in a positive way.  He's been concerned about poor fielding and base running, which should never be underestimated.  I hope Boone and the clan can get it together otherwise it is going to be a long season with an unhappy ending.

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