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I find it kind of funny reading people's overreactions after one week of baseball. Some fans start saying the most stupid things and make it seem like it's August and September and the season is winding down and every win is necessary. Boos get shouted down on a player after a bad day at the plate. People start calling for player's jobs and suggesting a player is finished or that the Yankees made a 'bad deal' acquiring that player. They harp on the managers, saying that manager should be fired, trades need to be made and they need to sign this free agent or that one for next year. It's ridiculous folks, it really is.

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Let the season get started and if you feel the same way in a few months from now, it is then that you can start talking and tweeting like it's the end of the world.   I was just recently reading this piece in the New York Post, The best way to react to the Yankees early disturbing signs... and happen to fully agree with it, not to mention the terrific commentary by BYB this week. Anyway... check out the Post...

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"Sometimes the ride will be bumpy. There is much temptation to look ahead and dream about the free-agent class of 2019, when the likes of Bryce Harper and Manny Machado will be available, but the Yankees are in the midst of an incredible renaissance with what they have on the field.

Other teams would love to have the talent the Yankees have right now, the young stars, the depth. But it still has to come together and it hasn’t. "

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Folks, that first sentence says it all. Sometimes the road will be bumpy hell, sometimes the road will be full of potholes. Remember though, it's a 162 game season and no team in the history of professional baseball has ever gone undefeated. There are many factors in this game, and playing in the Northeast right now isn't easy either. It's cold out there.  These kids are no longer playing in Florida. The ball does not react the same as it does when it warms up. Things are not happening the way they should right now...BUT, wouldn't you rather have the kinks worked out now than at the end of the season when we have to win?

Photo: New York Daily News
Believe me, things will start to get better. Just give it some time and roll with the punches. These idiots with the boos will soon be screaming with joy and acting like they knew it would be great all along. Don't worry... BYB will be right there reminding them that they were nutty in April.

--Mike Carnesi
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