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The weather has been absolutely unbearable here in the Northeast and parts of the mid-West for that matter.  Just look at the athletes across baseball diamonds during the season's first month, wearing winter clothes and shivering in the rain and snow as temperatures and winds simply remove the fun out of playing.  But no one has had it worse, as far as Mother Nature goes, than the runners in the Boston Marathon this Monday.

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The women's winner, Desiree Linden, won because she didn't give up even though at one point she contemplated it saying to her teammate and NYC women's winner, Shalene Flanagan that she might drop out.  Instead, she became the first American female runner to win the Boston Marathon in 33 years.  "She won Monday's Boston Marathon on desire -- years and years of it layered over talent and discipline and resilience," reported ESPN.

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Desire, layered over talent, discipline and resilience, the ultimate recipe for success- something the Yankees desperately need as they battle back from injuries, poor fielding and confidence-blowing losses.

"While the ball club has confronted numerous postponements, frigid temperatures and even an occasional snowstorm, the Yankees are actively searching for answers as they have been afflicted with a wide array of injuries and poor offensive production," reported Forbes.  If you read Sporting News, they have written the Yankees off with this line, "Time is running out in the Yankees' season to be able to figure this all out — 147 games just may not be enough."  Yikes, death sentence...really?

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But how do you go from beating the Marlins 12-0 in one night and losing to the same team 9-1 the next?  The ups and downs of this team is almost like the ups and downs of a teenager spiked with a typical hormonal imbalance.  "The question is how do we battle back" and the "answer is resilience."

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Baseball is unlike any other sport.  Other sports you have guys playing the same position everyday, every night, game after game.  Look at sports like hockey and soccer- the same goalie gets in the net each time.  With baseball, you have options...different pitchers, different fielders, different strategies.  Nine innings over about three hours of continuously play- Des Linden won the marathon in 2:44, the Yankees play their game in about that time.  In order to stay competitive, you have to want it and be in it for the long haul.  "The Yankees are clearly looking for a shot of adrenaline to wake them up from the early season doldrums and misfortunes." And that shot of adrenaline better make its way to the team quickly, as April showers transition into potential opportunities for the Yankees in perhaps the second month of baseball.

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