Wednesday, April 18, 2018


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That title was a portion from BYB fanatic and true Yankee fan Frank Gentry. Smart guy.  Excellent fan. Great former writer for BYB and 100% correct. Got me.

Early yesterday morning I wrote AWKWARD? HOW ABOUT EMBARRASSED, DEREK?

In it, I wrote:

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"Derek Jeter didn't want to come to New York because this Marlins team is nothing more than the leftovers after he dismantled it. And showing up in his old house as he watches the New York Yankees demolish his handy work is not something he wants to attach himself too... not yet anyway. After all, his Frankenstein is not complete. And that's what it is folks. This isn't about seeing old friends and waving to the fans. This is about him not wanting to show his face."

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Last night, the Yankees lost to a hungry Marlins team, and because Bleeding Yankee Blue is not afraid to admit mistakes, I bring you a slap in my face by my bud, Frank Gentry:

Frank's correct.  But I ain't wrong... I'm just wrong this time. 

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But you have to admit, the Marlins played well last night and dismantled my theory for this game.

Hey... you gotta love baseball.   Why? Because you never know what will happen next.

Thanks Frank!

Go Yanks!

Be Read. Get Known.

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