Tuesday, April 3, 2018


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The Yankees will have their home opener today against the Tampa Bay Rays.  Jordan Montgomery will take the mound for New York. Archer for the Rays. According to MLB.com, in 4 starts against the Yanks last year, he had a 4.24 ERA, 11 runs in 23 1/3 innings.

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A few days later there is still confusion and anger about that loss to the Jays in which DRob threw to Justin Smoak, and in the end, the Yankees lost the game.  Some are calling it the worst baseball match up ever, a bad baseball decision and all of that.  Get over it, please.  That's baseball and it was game 4.  That was a perfect example of what makes it the best damn game in the world and the fact that people are looking at the statistics and are treating it as an "obvious" reason to not throw DRob in that moment is getting silly.  It's Tuesday.  Are you that bored with your life that you are still harping on this? Even Robertson forgot about it.  You need to more forward folks.  And that's what today is all about.

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Montgomery will throw from the bump today. I can't wait to see him.  There was talk about not throwing Montgomery.  Newsday writes: "Boone consulted with pitching coach Larry Rothschild and then eschewed the option of skipping Montgomery and going with ace Luis Severino.

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'Larry and I talked about possibly . . . that would put [Severino] on regular rest,' Boone said Monday. 'We felt like this was built in for [Montgomery]. When we can give our guys those five [days] and keep Monty on his regular turn? We did consider it, but we decided we’re going Monty tomorrow.'"

Tomorrow meaning today.

Now you all know what will happen. If JoMo loses, Boone will be blamed for that too.  But here's the thing and I am in the minority here... I like that this early in the season Boone is taking chances. I say go with it.

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Today there will be questions about why Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton have had slow starts, but in reality, it's insignificant to the remainder of the season.  It's just a matter of getting into a groove and trust me, they will.

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We will also see Rob Refsnyder today.  I always liked that kid.  He was a man without a position in New York.  Hopefully he finds a home in Tampa Bay.

But here's the bottom line. Today will be a wonderful day, despite the threat of rain.. despite the damper of snow and the concern about Sunday.  We just have to have some fun here. This is baseball. The greatest sport in the world being played today in the greatest city in the world.  We just need to enjoy it... and stop being so damn angry.

Happy Opening Day, take 2.

Go Yanks!

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