Monday, April 30, 2018


Not sure if many saw this.  I did. I loved it.

(Mark J. Terrill/AP)
CC Sabathia getting angry at umpire Angel Hernandez after a botched call.  How do we as Yankee fans not like this? Passion always wins with me. You go Big Dog!

Larry Brown Sports writes:

"CC Sabathia had some words for umpire Angel Hernandez after a missed strike call in the third inning of the New York Yankees’ 2-1 win over the Los Angeles Angels on Sunday night.

Sabathia thought a 1-2 pitch to Justin Upton should have been called a strike. After Upton grounded out to end the inning, Sabathia cursed at Hernandez. "

Photo: AP
Look, I know CC and he probably feels bad that the F word was even being reported. But passion is passion and when you're on the field, everything goes among men.  This was justified in my eyes. Both teams appeared annoyed by Hernandez all night.

Yanks won this one. And now, a new day... here we go.

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