Tuesday, April 3, 2018


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It's kind of ridiculous actually. 

Why in the world is Yankeeland booing Giancarlo Stanton?  This goes back to the bologna that happened the other day in Toronto when David Robertson pitched to Smoak, Smoak Grand Slams, and suddenly Aaron Boone's an idiot and DRob sucks.

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Now the former National League MVP comes over to the Yankees, strikes out 5 times today on opening day and suddenly we hate him.

It's game 5.  Sure, we want to see a home run from this guy every day, but every player has a bad game, not to mention, have you seen the amount of strikeouts this guy racks up each season?  A lot.

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166 in 2011, 170 in 2014, 163 in 2017.  Those are the high ones, some of the other years he's striking out about 140 times or more... sometimes less. The point is everyone relax... this guy strikes out a lot... today should be no different.

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It's no way to welcome Giancarlo to the Bronx, fans. It's foolish.  If we're in a clutch game near the end of the season, perhaps the playoffs, all bets are off. If you need to boo, you boo if this guy comes up empty.  But Game 5? Really?

I love the passion of Yankee fans, I really do and I'm right there with you.  But our behavior the last few days? It's off putting.  Let April play out for crying out loud. Stop being so angry.

I leave you with this... it's from my 15 year old son, a baseball fanatic and a young man full of common sense...

"They booed Giancarlo? I'd be less inclined to play hard for the fans at that point out of spite. Screw them.  It's alittle pre-mature, don't you think?"

I do think, kiddo... I do.

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