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You have heard it stated multiple times lately.  And in case you haven't heard it, reminded us again on Saturday what is evidently true.  "Brian Cashman got Didi Gregorius for Shane Greene. Think about that for a minute. One of the best offensive players in the sport (1.245 OPS heading into play on Friday) at a premium position for an expendable relief arm. Cashman’s career will likely end with a plaque in Cooperstown. The trade for Gregorius to replace Derek Jeter will be talked about as one of the many reasons why," reports Joe Giglio.  With a curtain call more than 3,000 miles away from home in Friday night's win against the Anaheim Angels, Didi Gregorius is quickly making the following statement true as well:  A team without Didi is not a team worth having.


Think about the guys around MLB who are essential to their teams' success.  Who comes to mind? Perhaps, Houston would say a team without Jose Altuve is not a team they wish to field.  Noah Syndergaard might be that guy at the NY Mets, Bryce Harper fits the bill in Washington and Kris Bryant out in Chicago.  Then there is Robinson Cano in Seattle and perhaps Mike Trout from the Angels.  These are the franchise players and swiftly, Didi Gregorius is becoming one of those guys you just can't live without and you build your team around for maximum success.

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As the NY Daily News stated at the end of the 2017 season, "He endured a brutal first month, getting booed and posting a .499 OPS. But Gregorius has found comfort ever since, evolving as a hitter and a fielder. These days he hits in the cleanup spot, capable of hitting lefties while being lethal with the bases loaded. His first All-Star appearance may come next."  Didi has earned his spot as a middle infielder, with a rifle-like arm, a powerfully contagious disposition and a competitive spirit similar to the guy he replaced a few years ago.

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Skipper Aaron Boone has said it over and over again in his pre-game and post-game press conferences.  Didi is a guy you are glad plays for you.  We aren't the only ones noticing. His teammates need him and others across the league are envious of the necessity of having a guy like Gregorius on their team as well.

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"He's the best teammate -- one of the best I've ever had," (Austin) Romine says emphatically. "Same guy every day; works hard. When he does well, he doesn't want any of the attention; he defers it to other teammates … He's artistic, he's fluent in languages, he's cultured. He's a very unique and awesome human being to know. It's fun to be able to be around him, talk to him and call him a friend,"reports

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From his colorful tweets after Yankee wins to his club house persona to his stellar performance on the field and his off the field presence with fans in the Bronx and across ballparks in the MLB, Didi Gregorius is the face to a franchise that needed a face lift and luckily got it.  "It's clear that Gregorius is perfectly suited to be a breakthrough ambassador for the Yankees -- and the sport as a whole. "He's capable of reaching people that his other teammates aren't," (Brett) Gardner says as reported by

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Fans have been asking me to write something about Didi's unique role on this growing Yankee team and I could not have done it justice unless I dug deeper.  Didi is truly an ambassador for baseball, which is filled with diversity, an international presence, and a new breed of hard-working individuals willing to go the extra mile.  He encourages fans and players alike to love baseball like he does, and appreciate it as the ultimate experience, a day trip like no other.  He reaches fans on Twitter like no social media guru could and he is tugging at the hearts of fans across the nation who come to ballparks just to see him play.  His smile and his heart make it worth sitting through nine innings, knowing that he can lift a team bruised by tough losses with a confidence-building presence that can carry a team through the good times and bad.  A team without Didi or someone like him, is just not worth having.  Glad to have him as a New York Yankee, today, tomorrow and for many years to come.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
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