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I have always liked Ronald Torreyes. Utility men are special, important players on teams because it truly helps a manager when it comes to depth of a club. And I have to tell you, when you read this next nugget, you will smile from ear to ear because this is what "Team" is all about.

Photo: Getty Images has the story:

"The Yankees will start the season with the same catching tandem that they had last season, All-Star Gary Sanchez backed up by Austin Romine.

And if both get hurt in the same game ... Utility infielder Ronald Torreyes will put on the gear and do the squatting.

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'Toe's our third catcher,' manager Aaron Boone said Wednesday before the Yankees' 9-4 win over the Baltimore Orioles. 'We had him catching a bullpen the other day as being that emergency guy..."

Yup, you read that right, if needed Torreyes will step up and catch... NO PROBLEM.

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Gotta love that.  But not only that, you have to see what I see when it comes to Aaron Boone.  He is seeing things in these players that I am not so sure Girardi saw.  There are moments... maybe just a glimmer, or maybe it's a small body of work that catches his eye and then... instead of passing it by, he thinks about it, maybe builds on it and then, gives opportunity.  It's pretty wild. I like the way he's helping to mold this young club.  This must be why Cashman was so high on Boone.  Anyway... I am slowly becoming a fan.

Happy Thursday everyone.

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