Thursday, March 29, 2018


We are here. 

It's Opening day and I am looking forward to my Yankees.  A few things to watch today and this season. It's a few things I am thinking about...

How will Luis Severino respond as the Yankees Opening Day starter.  We have seen this pitcher shut down if he gets hit, but we have also seen him mature in the latter portion of the 2017 season.  Can he emerge as a young leader for this club?
Will the bash brothers of Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton be a force to be reckon with or will it be a flop? How will Judge do in his full second season with the Yanks? Will Stanton become a better player now that he is with a competitive, winning team?

Photo: Sporting News
Will Tyler Wade play? He was a guy that Aaron Boone loved to watch play this spring training and Wade earned his spot. Riding the bench after making a roster is fine, but getting in there and really trying to help the club is valuable for confidence for a kid like that.

Photo: Getty Images
Will Tyler Austin truly jump at the opportunity and push Bird out of the spotlight? We will have to see, but my gut tells me this kid is ready to pop.  Can't wait.

Photo: New York Post
And finally... Will Aaron Boone bring a smile to us fans.  We loved Joe Girardi... and some of us hated him too. But now we have Boone.  He's growing on me and the season is just getting started.  Let's see if he can lead this young team.

Very exciting day, folks.  This is what it's all about.  Happy Opening day!

Go Yanks!

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