Saturday, March 3, 2018


But we knew that already.

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Quick note on a cool article by John Harper of the New York Daily News.  It describes how the Yankee teammates are in 'awe' of Giancarlo Stanton's freakish power... even on line drives.

"'He’s just ridiculously talented, man,' said Brett Gardner. 'I can’t even comprehend his whole approach, and the way he hits the ball. It’s like he just flicks his wrists and hits a 400-foot something line drive the other way.'...

'I didn’t get a good look because I was running,' said Judge, 'but I heard the ball never got more than about six feet off the ground the whole time.' On his way out of the clubhouse, Judge turned and offered a quick summation: 'Incredible.'...

Stanton has a much shorter, quicker swing that is more of a slash than anything, producing sizzling line drives at least somewhat in contrast to Judge’s fuller, upper-cut swing that launches his moon shots....

Greg Bird, a student of hitting, said he already marvels at Stanton’s disciplined approach. 'He knows he can get to the inside pitch if he has to,' Bird said, 'but his approach keeps him back, allows him to see the ball longer. He knows what he’s doing. He’s a pro.'”

I don't know... I just love when teammates are complimentary of a player they play with.  It's non-selfish, it's the way baseball should be.  Rooting for your teammate to win because it helps the team.

Kudos to the Yanks for being so welcoming and... have I mentioned how excited I am for Stanton on the Yankees?

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