Thursday, March 15, 2018


A few short years ago, the Yankees had a young pitcher they deemed to be special. So special in fact, that when they couldn't decide if he should be a starter or reliever.

They made up special rules just for him. Those now infamous 'Joba Rules' may once again be rearing its ugly head, as they now have another pitcher they keep going back and forth with,. It's Chad Green.

In my eyes, and I believe in many others, this is something the Yankees need to stop. They need to define his role and leave him alone. In fact, this piece found in the New York Post, says the same thing. I approve...

"The Yankees have enough experiments going on, they don’t need to change Chad Green’s role. In any way. Don’t mess with success. Leave him as the dominating bridge right-hander in the bullpen. Green owns a rising fastball that works wonders in this Launch Angle Era."

In this era where you have pitchers for almost every situation, I believe all of this back and forth between starting and relieving is a recipe for disaster. Look, I get it, they are trying to figure out where they belong in the system of things.

Some, like Joba, they were trying to protect from injury. A funny thing happened along the way with Joba though. He ended up needing to get Tommy John surgery, he ended up getting hurt playing in a trampoline, or something like that. (Read WHY JOBA CHAMBERLAIN NEEDS TOUGH LOVE from back in March, 2012.) He was never the same pitcher again.

Did all the playing around with him have something to do with downfall? I believe so.

Bottom line, I hope they just leave Chad Green alone and keep him where he has had the most success. A pitcher's arm can be a very delicate thing don't mess with it and the Yanks could sure use a healthy, confident Chad Green!

--Michael Carnesi
BYB Writer
Twitter: @sevn4evr

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