Friday, March 30, 2018


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It was a really nice Opening day game.  The Yankees look relaxed and I liked what I saw from Aaron Boone.

The New York Post has a great piece from Dan Martin and I'm going to take a short part of it:

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"'The process that served us well by producing Joe Girardi, I believe, has served us well by producing Aaron Boone and nothing over the last six weeks in Tampa has changed that feeling in any way, shape or form,' Cashman said before the game. 'He’s an exceptional baseball person and I believe a quality leader. I have no second-guessing … or concerns.'  Whether that remains the case over the course of the season is up to Boone, who had never coached or managed before being tabbed to take over the team when Girardi wasn’t brought back following the Yankees’ Game 7 loss to Houston in the ALCS.

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A lineup stacked with Giancarlo Stanton — who homered twice Thursday — Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez should make Boone’s life easier, as will performances like the one he got from Luis Severino. Boone acknowledged he would certainly have to deal with the unexpected at some point this season.

'That’s part of sports,' Boone said before the game. 'There’s a lot of comfort in knowing you’re prepared. In sports and life, things come up and throw you curveballs. You’ve got to roll with it and be able to handle it.'”

And those words are smart.  Being prepared allows you to tackle anything. Boone's got this...especially with that mindset.

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And a shout out to Stanton this morning, who didn't let the pinstripes and new team intimidate him.  He simply was a professional and went for it.  Maybe it was an American League team trying to figure out how to pitch to him in the Blue Jays, or maybe he's just the real deal.  Who knows. I do know this... I like this lineup. I like this team's leadership and I can't wait for more.

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