Thursday, March 22, 2018


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Gotta appreciate a guy like CC Sabathia and all he's done for the Yankees in New York.  Most important to me is how when times got tough, he adjusted, re-learned to pitch with the problems he was having and literally re-invented himself as a leader again.  Not that he wasn't, but he was clearly struggling and trying to get back in the fan's good graces.  He never lost me as a fan. I stayed. I'm glad I did. He's a great leader and terrific mentor for these young kids on the Yanks.

Speaking of that, check this stuff out on CC is now working with Jordan Montgomery.  No doubt the kid will learn a lot from a veteran like CC.

"CC Sabathia's words of wisdom include a phrase that Jordan Montgomery says that he hears every day, 'You've got more in the tank.'...

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Sabathia has been a mentor all spring. 'He's awesome,' Montgomery said. 'He kind of helps me out on both spectrums. He kind of tells me how to pitch like a power pitcher and how to pitch like I do. So I want to be right there in the middle.' Perhaps surprisingly to some, Montgomery will start the season right there where he was last season ... as the Yankees' fifth starter.

His spot seemed in danger during the offseason and early in spring training while rumors circulated that the Yankees were interested in signing a veteran starter, rumors that GM Brian Cashman admitted were true.

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'I've got to take it with a grain of salt and show 'em why they wanted to keep me around,' Montgomery said. 'I try to stay off of the internet in the offseason and even during the season. I'm off my phone a lot. This offseason, I just did my work..."

Doing the work. Putting in the work and working hard to improve.  Much of it learned through the years, but much of it pushed on by CC Sabathia.

That's what I love about this club.  The veterans helping these youngsters. Ultimately that helps a club improve.

Be Read. Get Known.

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