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I am actually really happy that Neil Walker is with the Yankees. The Yankees are too.  Walker did some work at first, and will do some work at second.  I like what they're doing with them as he makes his debut.

YES Network has more:

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"Neil Walker's official Yankees debut came as a first baseman on Friday night, as he played four innings at the position (and made two plate appearances) in the team's 2-0 loss to the Astros...

'I didn't get any ground balls, but the right side of the infield feels pretty comfortable to me, and it was good to get some action,' Walker said...

Walker will be playing second base on Sunday, and likely extended to six or seven innings according to Boone, but he is ready for whatever challenge the Yankees give him. 'I've just been told to be prepared at first, second, and third; I think I'm playing second on Sunday, and then we'll go from there,' he said. 'I'm very happy with where I am right now, so it's a matter of continuing to see a lot of pitches and have good at-bats, and hopefully find some barrels here later on. It's good to know that I have another week's worth of work left before the season starts.'"

An abbreviated version of YES Network's Lou DiPietro's piece.  Good stuff and a lot of smiles when talking about Walker.

Off to baseball practice... more later on BYB.

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