Friday, March 9, 2018


Aaron Judge won the Home Run Derby last year, and then at the end of the season, he needed to fix his shoulder.

I love the home run derby, but not if it hurts a player.  That's supposed to be a fun event around the All-Star break. But as much as it's supposed to be fun, the competition is there and it can sometimes get intense because ultimately, these are athletes, and they want to win.

Judge was a beast last year and good for him.  Now though, he is leaning toward not doing it again, and I love that idea.  He went, he won, cross it off the list. The New York Daily News writes:

"Aaron Judge is probably won-and-done, already leaning against defending his Home Run Derby title even if MLB asks him to return, and more power to him. The ratings may take a dive, but Judge doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone...

Judge said, it’s his decision. 'I did it once, loved the experience, was able to win it, and I did the Derby,' he said. 'One and done is good for me.'”

Atta boy Judge. Don't fall into the pressure.  Don't do it.

Love this kid.

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